After visiting Ise Jingu, enjoy Okage-yokocho walk -7

After visiting Ise Jingu, enjoy Okage-yokocho walk -7

28 Dec 2020

The KANSAI Guide

After visiting Ise Jingu, enjoy taking a walk at "Mukashi-machi" (old townscape). Along the stone paving on the bank of Isuzu-gawa river starting from the Ujibashi bridge at the entrance to the Naiku (Toyo-uke Daijingu) of Ise Jingu, you will find the shrine town called "Oharai-machi" (Purifying town) replicating old streets with restaurants, souvenir shops, traditional sweets shops with a long history and traditional inns etc. At the center of "Oharai-machi", "Okage-yokocho" (Blessing alley) with around 60 shops is very polular among Japanese tourists and local residents and is lively like a festival every day. You will be fascinated by good old Japanese sweets and lovely Japanese fancy goods and find it difficult to choose. Business hours differ by shops and seasons, but nearly all shops are open from 11:00 till 17:00.


Handmade candles from active candle makers throughout Japan can be fully enjoyed through seeing, touching and smelling. The white beautiful building is full of "cuteness" and brings you a lot of excitement. Mostly on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, workshops and exhibitors' sale are arranged inviting candle artists.

Mikimoto Shinjyutou-ten (Mikimoto Pearl Island Shop)

Mr. Kokichi MIKIMOTO was the world's first person who suceeded in cultivation of pearls back in 1893. Afterwards, Mikimoto Pearls has become the world's leading brand. The shop offers series of Mikimoto products incluing MIKIMOTO- branded Jewery, Mikimoto Pearl Island Original Jewery and MIKIMOTO COSMETICS products.

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