Let’s try fine woodworking! with master of Japanese Traditional Crafts.

Let’s try fine woodworking! with master of Japanese Traditional Crafts.

The Tanaka Furniture Factory, established in 1919, continues to uphold the tradition of Osaka's paulownia wardrobes from Senshu. The production process involves purchasing raw round logs of paulownia, followed by wood processing and drying. Participants can witness the various stages, including the processing of paulownia wood and the assembly of parts. This is a precious opportunity to see the craftsmanship up close. Skilled artisans with traditional craftsman qualifications complete each wardrobe individually. The luxury and beauty of the paulownia wardrobes, each of which take 2–3 weeks to complete and 2–3 years, including wood processing, are worth seeing. Witness this production site woven together by historical traditions. • You can also participate in a hands-on Paulownia box-making activity, assembling parts using the high-quality paulownia that is used for the wardrobes. This offers a chance to interact with rare tools, witness the meticulous eye of artisans who check for subtle differences between parts, and appreciate the joy and difficulty of craftsmanship.



Minimum Number of Passengers
3 people
Maximum Capacity
10 people
Participation Restrictions
Ages 10 and over
Meeting and Exchange Areas
Tanaka Furniture Factory
1-19-8 Yoshii-cho, Kishiwada City, Osaka
Open Period
Closed on certain days
Closed Period
Closed on Sundays and public holidays, during Golden Week, summer holiday, and New Year's holidays
Meeting Times and Business Hours
9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Tour Schedule
Wardrobe workshop tour and hands-on paulownia box-making activity: Gather at the workshop and receive an explanation of the company's history and Osaka's wardrobes from Senshu. - Explanation and tour of paulownia wood. - Tour of the workshop. - Hands-on paulownia box-making activity. - Introduction of products. - Disband. *Participants can take home the paulownia box made during the activity.
Required Time
Around 1.5 hours
Provision of Meals
Meals are provided
Open to meal requests
No vegetarian/Halal options available
Universal accessibility
Not available
Parking: Up to 3 standard-sized vehicles
Reservation required by phone at least two weeks in advance
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