Let's make a Haniwa

Let's make a Haniwa

[Osaka & Habikino] Haniwa Clay Figure Making at the World Heritage Mozu and Furuichi Tombs! Even small children can play with the clay! ★Why not try your hand at crafting unique haniwa clay figures? ★We welcome everyone, from single persons to groups! Haniwa Bento are available as an extra option! ★Even small children can play with the clay! [About Okuraya, in Kawachi Konda Haniwa Village] Many haniwa figures were created in the Kawachi Konda area during the Kofun Period 1,500 years ago. The area is dotted with ancient kofun tombs like the Tomb of the Emperor Ojin and Hakayama Kofun. Okuraya welcomes you to experience the charms of Haniwa in this land of history and culture! Enjoy meeting people where the Kofun still linger.



Minimum Number of Passengers
Maximum Capacity
Meeting and Exchange Areas
Kawachi Konda Haniwa Village, Okuraya
3-22-21 Konda, Habikino, Osaka
Open Period
Closed Period
Irregular holidays
Meeting Times and Business Hours
Opening Hours: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM; Meeting Time: 5 minutes before start
Tour Schedule
Haniwa making activity: Twice a day, beginning at 10:00 AM and 1:30 PM
Required Time
90 minutes
Open to meal requests
Haniwa Bento are available as an extra option. Reservations are accepted up to three days in advance. On occasion circumstances may prevent reservations from being accepted. Please contact us in advance with details of any allergies. The details of the activities may change as needed.
Universal accessibility
Haniwa Workshop only
Parking available for 2-3 cars (we can direct you to nearby parking for more than 3 cars or large vehicles and buses)
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