Disaster prevention/mitigation program learned from food

[Corporate Initiatives] Local products are used to create school meals for local consumption in daycares and kindergartens up and down the country because to eat is to live. On-site food education classes are delivered to pre-school children to teach the next generation about sustainability in food in practice. Also, as an operator of many company canteens, we strictly adhere to a policy of not interrupting the activities of our client companies. As a result we’ve established disaster stockpiles which have allowed us to never miss a meal. (During the Great Tohoku Earthquake, Kumamoto Earthquake etc.) [Program Takeaways] This program features a presentation from sustainability professionals involved in food business in Osaka with a focus on public health, educating through food, disaster prevention, disaster prep, etc. (includes a tasting of a disaster recipe). Optional cooking lessons and groupwork help participants to think about food in tandem with the themes of disaster prevention and life pushed by Expo 2025. *Pre-class worksheets available/Some work may require tablets


Minimum Number of Passengers
20 participants
Maximum Capacity
80 participants
Open Period
Closed Period
Year-round (except New Year’s and Golden Week) *1 group per day; talks held twice a week.
Tour Schedule
・A talk on corporate initiatives by a member of personnel from Uokuni Sohonsha (sustainability talk using examples of corporate food education and support during crises) ・Simple tasting of disaster recipes during the lecture. ・Cooking class led by a registered dietitian from Uokuni Sohonsha (5 to 6 students per class) ・Try your hand at disaster cooking! Can be chosen by the school prior to the event. ■Theme: Create disaster recipes as a group! ■Theme: Think about a personal stockpile! *Tablet/smartphone needed. Note: The work venue has no WiFi. ・A lunch that takes into account the nutritional and health needs of middle and high school students as well as food loss. Since the corporation is a school meal business, it's able to provide a specialized menu.
Provision of Meals
Meals are provided
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