Learning with international students “Osaka/Kansai Expo Workshop”

Learning with international students “Osaka/Kansai Expo Workshop”

The World Expo will be held at a time when people's values and lifestyles are diversifying in the wake of a global pandemic, and will create a space for people to reconsider their lives as they explore the what a sustainable future society may look like. This program allows us to better understand the meaning of Expo and the future Expo hopes to create. Learning with international students from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds will expose you to new ideas, notions, ways of thinking and perspectives.



Minimum Number of Passengers
20 participants
Maximum Capacity
40 participants (per class)
Open Period
Closed Period
Available year-round
Tour Schedule
・Presentation on Expo given by Osaka Tourism Bureau staff ・Groupwork with international students ・Presentations (in Japanese) ・Tourism Bureau Evaluation ・Reflection ・We will attend a presentation on the Osaka Expo and the work of the Osaka Tourism Bureau in shaping the city of Osaka. We will work in groups with international students living in Osaka to consider the Expo theme of the Brilliance of Life and present our ideas to the Osaka Tourism Bureau. <Prior Learning> You can prepare for the class by watching educational videos with international students on Expo.
Required Time
Around 2. 5 hours *Conducted in Japanese
Provision of Meals
Meals are not provided

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