Hanging Garden Observatory Night Program - Astronomy class even in the rain

What is our planet on a universal scale? The 1970 World Expo in Osaka was held the same year as the Apollo mission (the first manned mission to the moon, and the first space mission in human history to land on the moon). 2025 will see the World Expo once again in Osaka and the launch of the Artemis Mission*1, proving that Osaka shares a mystical bond with the universe. The Artemis Mission aims to explore the possibility of sustaining humankind on the moon. (From the JAXA website) We hold classes on astronomy and space to foster awareness by re-examining global issues from the perspective of space, and encourage students to reconsider the place they live on (the Earth) on a larger scale, and to develop ideas on sustainable Earth and urban development and the meaning of a brilliant future. Our classes are themed around the themes for Expo 2025. Our last stop is a trip to the Sky Garden Viewing Platform to take in the night lights of Osaka and space (SOLA).


Closed Period
Available year-round
Meeting Times and Business Hours
90-120 minutes (60 minute presentation + viewing platform)
Tour Schedule
・Presentation by a special guest lecturer (Astronomy and Space Classroom/venue fee included in program fee) ・Sky Garden Viewing Platform entrance fee *Upon request, we can include a meal voucher for Takimikoji, a throwback restaurant in the basement of the Sky Building (A 500 yen voucher will be provided) This program can be scheduled after an early dinner.
Provision of Meals
Meals are not provided


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