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Osaka grew into an economic and cultural powerhouse thanks to its waterways. The city developed around the Water Corridor, a rare rectangular formation of waterways. The history of the City of Water dates back to the Asuka Period, when Osaka traded with the continent and other countries. In modern times, the people of Osaka have made an effort to return to lives closely intertwined with the rivers by installing boat piers, symbolic riverside spaces, and lighting on the embankments and supports. A cruise is the best way to rediscover the charms of the City of Water!


Minimum Number of Passengers
40 participants
Maximum Capacity
98 participants
Open Period
Closed Period
Year-round (with the exception of certain winter holidays and spring periods) *Please contact us to enquire about the day of your desired trip.
Meeting Times and Business Hours
Departs between 10:15 AM and 4:15 PM: 10:15 AM/11:00 AM/11:45 AM/12:30 PM/1:15 PM/2:00 PM/2:45 PM/3:30 PM/4:15 PM *The above is the schedule for 2023. The schedule may change from time to time.
Tour Schedule
・Board the Aqualiner Waterbus (Depart Osakajo Pier, 40 minutes) ・Special on-board presentation on the environment, local lifestyle, history and growth of Osaka
Required Time
Around 50 minutes (40 minutes on board)
Provision of Meals
Meals are not provided
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