Beach Cleaning & Upcycling Workshop

Beach Cleaning & Upcycling Workshop

Experience beach cleaning at Tsuruga’s sea with TEAM CLEAN BLUE (TCB), which regularly engages in beach cleanup activities in Tsuruga City. Clean up the beach at your destination, and leave feeling revitalized. Use sea waste to make resin accessories in the upcycling experience.



Minimum Number of Passengers
6 participants
Maximum Capacity
60 participants (consult us for large groups, such as educational tours)
Participation Restrictions
Elementary school students and older
Meeting and Exchange Areas
Designated beaches in Tsuruga City
Designated beaches in Tsuruga City
Open Period
Closed Period
We might not be able to accommodate your request during the New Year’s and the Obon holidays.
Meeting Times and Business Hours
Requires consultation
Tour Schedule
<E.g.> Arrive at the venue of the experience > Hear a brief overview (around 15 minutes) > Beach cleaning experience (around 50 minutes) > Upcycling experience (around 50 minutes) > Photo session (around 5 minutes)
Required Time
Around 2 hours
Provision of Meals
Meals are not provided
Open to meal requests
Not available
Universal accessibility
Requires consultation
Requires consultation
In the event of stormy weather, it is possible that the beach cleaning experience will not be available. In such cases, the program will be changed to focus on the upcycling experience.
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