The Tsuribashi Festival - Swaying taiko drums

The Tsuribashi Festival - Swaying taiko drums

On August 4 each year, in honor of “bridge day”, a unique performance of “swaying taiko drumming” is held on the Tanize Suspension Bridge, a steel wire bridge that at 297 m in length and 54 m in height is one of the longest in Japan and is open to the public. The local OMC Totsugawa Taiko Club, Kodama, is brave enough to put on a true-to-life show atop the suspension bridge, and as they perform the sky resounds with the spectacular intensity of their music.


Event information

Take the JR line from Osaka Station and transfer to the Wakayama Line, get off at Gojo Station, then take the bus bound for Shingu Station by way of Totsukawa for around 1 hour 50 minutes, and get off at Uenoji - Approx. 3-hour total travel time
Every year on August 4
Please see the official website for the detailed schedule

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