Your very own Winning Daruma(katsuo-ji)

Your very own Winning Daruma(katsuo-ji)

Katsuo-ji is famed as a temple of winning luck. Originally named for curing the Emperor's illness, Katsuo-ji has been visited by rulers throughout history to pray for victory in battles. The Winning Daruma is seen as the symbol of the temple, and can be used to pray for success in business, exams or job seeking. First, you write your wish on the base of the Daruma and the things you'll do over the year to try to achieve the wish on the back, and pray in the temple building. An incense stick is lit while praying to convey thanks to everyone who helps us in life. The incense smoke passes the Daruma, and finally you paint in the right eye. You then take the Daruma home, display it in a prominent position and try to fulfil your wish.

【PRICE】Size 10 Daruma 2,000 yen per person inc. tax; Shrine entrance fee 400 yen per adult inc. tax, 300 yen per child inc. tax



Katsuo-ji, Mino City, Osaka
Weekdays 8:00 to 17:00, Saturday to 17:30, Sunday & Holidays to 18:00
Open all year round


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