Japanese Food Culture Experience—Malted Rice & Miso Making

Japanese Food Culture Experience—Malted Rice & Miso Making

12:00 - Meet at Kyotango-Omiya Station

12:15 - Welcome drink
• Amazake - a sweet drink made from fermented rice, or fruit amazake

12:30 - Taste miso, and cooking demonstration of dishes using malted rice
• The host will prepare something for vegetarian guests as needed, while for those having an allergy to barley and soybeans response would be limited especially when immediate.
• Japanese menu using fermented food

13:15 - Lunch and break

14:00 - Miso making workshop

15:00 - Cooking demonstration
• sweets using amazake, followed by a tasting

16:30 - Kyotango-Omiya Station send-off
• Note: Mineyama Station is also possible

If you have never cooked with miso, you are definitely missing out. Beyond miso soup, the Japanese also use miso paste to enhance other dishes as well. In this experience, you will learn how to make miso paste.

Before you learn how to make miso paste, your host will teach you about Japanese food culture and the use of malted rice. Enjoy this hands-on workshop and learn how to enhance Japanese dishes using malted rice.

Malted Rice
Malting is the process of transforming a grain from a seed to a malt that contains starches and proteins present in the seed as well as enzymes that can be used to convert those starches and proteins in the malt to sugars and amino acids.

Miso Paste
Miso is a traditional Japanese seasoning produced by fermenting soybeans with salt and koji and sometimes rice or barley.



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• This activity requires at least two guests for participation
• If you have any food allergy, please kindly let us know in advance.
21 Mar 2020


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