Museum of Musical Instruments, Osaka College of Music

Museum of Musical Instruments, Osaka College of Music

[Seeing the World Through Musical Instruments]
Of the roughly 2,000 musical instruments and related materials in the museum's collection, about 1,400 are on permanent display. Traditional music in Japan was centered in Osaka, Nara, and Kyoto, and spread from there to all regions of the country. The museum has exhibits of numerous instruments used in traditional music and entertainment All on display in one hall are gagaku (Japanese court music instruments), noh theater instruments, biwa, koto, shamisen, kokyu, shakuhachi, and instruments used in folk entertainment. In the European instrument exhibit, visitors can view instruments used in classical music. Visitors can enjoy the form, materials, and ornamentation of folk instruments from various regions all over the world, to prompt wonder about the roots of the instruments in use today.

[Admission Fee]
Adults : 500 yen High school students : 400 yen Elementary and junior high school students : 300 yen Preschool children : Free *One accompanying assistant of a person who needs assistance is free.

It is a 15-minute walk from Hankyu Takarazuka Line Shonai Station.



Postal Code
1-1-8 Shonai-saiwaimachi, Toyonaka-shi, Osaka 561-8555 , Japan
Museum Hours: Monday, Saturday 10:00-16:00
Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday National Holiday, Oct.15 (College Anniversary of Foundation), August, New years Holidays It may be closed temporary. Please inquire the schedule before you visit.


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