Rural Community Stage“Noson Butai”in Tokushima

Rural Community Stage“Noson Butai”in Tokushima

1 Feb 2022

In Tokushima, there is a lot of Noson Butai.

Noson Butai literally means a “Rural Community Stage”. Since ancient times the Japanese landscape has been dotted with Shinto shrines of all sizes. On the precincts of some of these shrines were small play houses called Noson Butai, where Kabuki or Ningyo Joruri were performed as a votive offering to the guardian gods,expressing farmers’ wishes for a rich harvest and peaceful life.

videos of Rural Community Stage“Noson Butai”in Tokushima

Ningyo Joruri performance

Guidance of theater
Performances in each Noson Butai, do from spring to autumn.
Please ask to Awa Jurobe Yashiki Puppet Theater.

  • Noson butai of Inugai: go-oh shrine,hatacho,tokushima-city,tokushima
  • Noson butai of Imayama: imamiya shrine,munae,katsuura-cho,tokushima
  • Noson butai of Onosakura: tennou shrine,jinryo,kamiyama-cho,myouzai-gun,tokushima
  • Noson butai of yatsura: yatsura shrine,nishinou,naka-cho,naka-gun,tokushima
  • Noson butai of Hegawa: hegawa shrine,hirano,naka-cho,naka-gun,tokushima
  • Noson butai of kamase: yama shrine,yokoishi,naka-cho,naka-gun,tokushima
  • Noson butai of kawamata: iso shrine,kawamata,naka-cho,naka-gun,tokushima
  • Noson butai of Kitagawa: hachiman shrine,kitokitagawa,naka-cho,naka-gun,tokushima
  • Noson butai of Sakasyu: sakasyu shrine,sakasyu,naka-cho,naka-gun,tokushima
  • Noson butai of Higyu: sirahito shrine,haigyu,naka-cho,naka-gun,tokushima
  • Noson butai of Nitta(ohto): nitta shrine,kitagawachi,minami-cho,kaifu-gun,tokushima
  • Noson butai of Hoichi: funato shrine higashiyama,higashimiyoshi-cho,miyoshi-gun,tokushima

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