5 Feb 2020

The KANSAI Guide

Namba (the center of Osaka Minami) is comprised of four stations; the Nankai "Namba Station", Kintetsu/Hanshin "Osaka Namba Station", Osaka Metro “Namba Station” and the “JR Namba Station”.

The Osaka Metro consists of three lines, the Midosuji, Sennichimae and Yotsubashi lines.JR Namba Station is adjacent to the Osaka City Air Terminal (OCAT) building where limousine buses also arrive and depart.

When using Nankai Railways from Kansai Airport to Namba Station, drop into the “Tourist Information Namba/Nankai Information Center”, office (located on 1st floor) to get information on Osaka city and the Namba area in general.

Namba is home to Osaka's "Minami" shopping district, where shoppers can enjoy walking, shopping and eating around Namba Station. There are coin lockers available at each station to store luggage. Should you have large suitcases which won’t fit in coin lockers or would prefer to send your baggage to your accommodation, we recommend using the luggage storage facility named “Namba Hands - Free Center", located in the center of Namba. A short-term storage and luggage transfer service is also available at Nankai Namba station.

To transfer between the four Namba stations, check the signs found on the ceiling, walls and floor. All signs are written in English or include images to avoid conclusion.

While further than some other areas, JR Namba Station and OCAT are still within a ten minute walk, following signs through the building.

When riding any of the three Osaka Metro lines, the platforms can be reached through any Metro ticket gate.

The Midosuji Line is red, Yotsubashi Line is blue, and the Sennichimae Line is pink. Please check the colors before boarding to avoid any confusion.

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