Slide down sand dunes, follow the sea into coastal caves and fly the open skies! Discover a natural landscape unique to Tottori

Slide down sand dunes, follow the sea into coastal caves and fly the open skies! Discover a natural landscape unique to Tottori

25 Feb 2020

As its inclusion in a recognized UNESCO geopark would suggest, the eastern part of Tottori Prefecture is home to a rare topography and a wealth of nature. To help visitors get the most of the region’s natural environment, there are a number of activities on offer.

— In the Tottori Sand Dunes —

The Tottori Sand Dunes run 16 km east to west and 2.4 km north to south alongside the Sea of Japan. The dunes are the largest of their kind in Japan. Taking photos of the sand dunes, some of which tower around 47 m tall, is a typical thing to do at the Tottori Sand Dunes. You can fully experience the expansive nature of Tottori with fun activities that make the most of that height difference.
Activity in Tottori Sand Dunes 

A gentle camel ride is also highly recommended! ©Tottori Pref.

Try and catch the stunning spectacle of Tottori Sand Dunes early in the morning. ©Tottori Pref.

Try sandboarding and slide down the sandy slopes!

Like snowboarding, but on the sandy slopes of the dunes. On the steep sandboarding slopes, you can get up to some real speed! There is also a sledding course, so even younger children can get in on the fun.


Gently soar above the dunes in a paraglider

Paragliding here makes use of the dunes’ height difference. Learn the ropes with an instructor, and then catch the wind to be swept up into the air. For those who wish to further explore the open skies a little further, we recommend a tandem paraglider, which you can ride alongside an instructor. Get a bird’s eye view of the area from a height of several hundred meters above ground level and witness the contrast of the dunes and the Sea of Japan below.

The curious feeling of leaving the ground behind will have you hooked (Picture of the experience course.). ©Tottori Pref.

Fat biking—not your average ride!

Speed over the sand, climb mountain paths and feel the coastal spray of the Sea of Japan on a special bike that can move across sand. Feeling the open, majestic scenery of cycling makes for an unforgettable adventure.
* Cycling on the dunes requires special permission, and thus visitors cannot use their own bikes.

Depending on the weather and timing, you may even get a chance to take a photo of a mirror-like, thin layer of water, reminiscent of the Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia. ©TRAIL ON

An oasis neighboring Tottori Sand Dunes? Journey across the waters of Tanega-ike Pond in a kayak

Next to the sand dunes is a large pond, with a circumference of 3.4 km, whose unusual appearance changes with the seasons—fresh green in spring, water lilies in summer, jellyfish in autumn, and migratory birds in winter. With trees lining the water’s edge, a kayak journey here almost feels like a jungle cruise. Unlike kayaking on the sea or in a river, the calm, still waters of the pond mean that even beginners won’t feel out of their depth.

— In the Uradome Coast —

The Uradome Coast paints a picturesque scene of white sandy beaches together with tunnels and caves formed by the raging waves of the Sea of Japan. The waters here are some of the clearest around the main island of Honshu, and allow visitors to see right down to the sea bed. Whether it be from the footpaths that follow the coast, or from a kayak or sightseeing boat, take this chance to enjoy the area’s beauty.
Activity in Uradome Coast

The view of the Uradome Coast from the sea is simply breathtaking.

Explore the many complex inlets and get right up close to the staggering rock formations—over the two to three hours of your water-top adventure there’s no chance of getting bored. There is even a course that will take you and your kayak inside of Ryujin Cave.

Hop in a sea kayak to witness the spectacular scenery of the Uradome Coast ©Tottori Pref.

Stand-up paddleboarding lets you feel like you’re walking on water

Propelling yourself with a paddle atop a board is the perfect way to enjoy the coast. Stand up, sit down, or even lie down to see the beautiful coastal scenery from any number of angles.

?Develop SURF & SEA

Snorkel in the crystal-clear waters and feel connected to the sea

Water visibility around the Uradome Coast extends to 25 m! Discover the wonder of the geopark’s natural environment, from the varied reefs, the swaying underwater vegetation, and in some places the small fish.

?Develop SURF & SEA

— In the Mt. Daisen —

One of Japan’s most famous mountains, Mt. Daisen stands at 1,709 m tall. A sacred mountain, until around 150 years ago the mountain was closed the mountain was closed off to the general public. Even now, much of the nature there remains untouched. As well as mountain climbing in the summer, and skiing in winter, the foothills and mountainsides are a great place to experience the natural environment.

?Torttori Pref.


Morinokuni is an experiential nature facility where families can enjoy camping, an adventure course, and other activities. The facility acts as a base for various outdoor activities that utilize the nature of Mt. Daisen. With dozens of activities, including downhill cycling, hiking alongside mountain streams, and stream climbing, there’s plenty to enjoy.

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