Search for Nearby Tourist Attractions Using The KANSAI Guide's New Service!

Search for Nearby Tourist Attractions Using The KANSAI Guide's New Service!

15 Mar 2021

The KANSAI Guide

The KANSAI Guide, a website that provides information on tourist spots in the Kansai area, has undergone a major transformation! Through this update, the website has added a new functionality that makes it easier for searching nearby attractions by displaying the tourist spots of each prefecture on Google Maps. This article will introduce you to this new service and explain in detail how you can use this feature.

Overview of the Service

This service has made searching for sightseeing spots even easier by displaying over 700 tourist attractions on Google Maps. These destinations are all located in the Kansai area, which includes Kyoto, Osaka, Fukui, Hyogo, Mie, Nara, Shiga, Tokushima, Tottori, and Wakayama Prefectures. Landmarks such as parks, temples and shrines, tourist spots, and public transport are all categorized and displayed on the map accordingly, which makes searching very convenient!

It also displays the location information of more than 1,300 taxi and rental car companies, mainly around major railway stations. This makes it easier to search for routes when traveling around sightseeing spots, enabling you to plan a more efficient itinerary. If you are using a smartphone, the GPS function makes it even more convenient! Ours may be the only service in the Kansai area that includes secondary transportation information on more than 1,300 transport companies!

【URL】 KANSAI Tourism Bureau Homepage

Trying Out the Service!

First, click on the "Destinations" tab and select the destination of your trip. *Osaka is selected for this example.

Once you are on the "Destinations" page, "Search 'near me' in OSAKA" will appear, and nearby attractions will be displayed on Google Maps. The image below shows an actual image of the website when you click on Osaka Castle. On the left, you will see a brief explanation of the sightseeing spot (in the yellow box) as well as a route search bar (in the blue circle). It is very useful to be able to read about the place you plan to visit and figure out how to get there in advance!

Clicking on the route search bar will make you jump to searching for a route on Google Maps. Various modes of transportation, including car, train, and on foot are displayed. By setting a point of departure, you can search for the route. Searching for the route will let you plan a more feasible itinerary!

Other Interesting Pages on the Website!

The "Destinations" page has other functionalities as well. Read on to find out more!

Find Out More About Sightseeing Spots Through Travel Blogs and Videos!

The page hosts various content including travel blogs that provide up-to-date information on tourist spots and videos that introduce attractions. The blogs mostly cover tips and trivia about a location and what to enjoy there, while videos mainly showcase the beautiful scenery to be found at the various locations.

Easily Search for Accomodation!

Accommodation facilities can easily be searched by inputting the destination area, station name, and check-in date. This search function could potentially be used in a variety of different scenarios, for example, when you suddenly need to extend a stay or find yourself without anywhere to stay.

What do you think? Access the "Destinations" page now and try searching for some sightseeing spots! We plan to continue adding more information about great tourist spots to the page, as well as content on recommended travel routes, so make sure you keep an eye out!

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