The Seasonal Beauty of KANSAI(Spring)

The Seasonal Beauty of KANSAI(Spring)

Discovering seasonal scenery in KANSAI. Photographers Yohei and Atsuko Maehata introduce the appeal of season’s beauty with photographs.
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Yohei Maehata

Born 1978 in Kyoto Prefecture, currently residing in Kobe.
A photographer and writer currently working as an industrial heritage coordinator and J-heritage NPO representative to promote the value and appeal of industrial heritage.

When in elementary school and influenced by certain films, Yohei made a game of creating secret bases in abandoned factories and playing in them. This inspired him to turn his attention to ruins. While investigating ruins throughout Japan, he began to understand that these ruins had qualities of industrial heritage. Industrial heritage is a kind of a monument etched with the achievements and memories of those who built modern Japan. However, he witnessed the reality that today, many of these sites are being dismantled without people realizing.

Is this acceptable?
Triggered by this thought, in 2009 Yohei Maehata set up an NPO to visit and record industrial heritage so that large numbers of people could appreciate something of the historical value and appeal of industrial legacy, and is planning and running industrial heritage tours, guided visits and heritage-based regional vitalization projects all over the country.

Atsuko Maehata

Born 1984 in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture, currently residing in KobePhotographer and industrial heritage explorer

Atsuko first stepped into the world of photography when she happened upon a toy camera in a variety store, and in recent years has traveled extensively with her camera to learn everything she could about the industrial heritage of Japan.

In 2014 Atsuko held a photo exhibition at the Canon Gallery and has published A Woman's Exploration of Industrial Heritage (Sogensha) and Exploring • Industrial Heritage. Her numerous photographs and written contributions to magazines, “mooks” and the web have been included in such publications as Rurubu Kyushu and Industrial Heritage Records (Sansai Mook, 2012) (cover photo). She has also made a number of media appearances in such programs as the NHK BS Premium New Japan Fudoki and BS Nippon Corporation’s I Want to Go Now! Amazing Views! Industrial Heritage, and NHK’s Radio Latenight Show.
In addition, she was also involved in the establishment of the NPO J-Heritage and was in charge of drafting plans for and guiding industrial heritage tours.

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