あの時代と、変わらない ドキドキを。~日本の古典楽劇の舞台を訪ねて~

  • The union of Kansai governments has been carrying out various projects as Kansai “Bunka-no-Michi” project since fiscal 2012, such as printing leaflets and monitor tours (experimental trip) of Joruri puppet theatre, Matsuri (traditional festivals), etc.
    Leaflets of “Pilgrimage to 33 Places on the Road of Dramas” and “Road of Dramas Ⅱ - 20 Sentimental Journeys,” listing a number of famous places in the Kansai region, which appear on Noh, Joruri puppet theatre, Kabuki and Nihon-buyo (Classical Japanese dance) are prepared this time. Please enjoy the journey to stages or scenes of Japanese classic musical drama in Kansai beyond time and space.


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