The 40th Himeji Castle Moon-viewing Festival

The 40th Himeji Castle Moon-viewing Festival

This annual event takes place to recognize the mid-autumn harvest moon, with a variety of folk entertainments performed against a backdrop of an illuminated Himeji Castle. On a specially constructed stage, distinctly Japanese entertainment such as powerful taiko drumming and Japanese koto harp performances take place, as well as kenshibu sword dancing in time to poetry recitals. Plus, food and drink are available for purchase, including local sake, moon-viewing dumplings, sen-hime bento boxed meals, deep-fried kamaboko fish cakes, and Himeji oden stew. On the same day as the festival, the neighboring Koko-en Japanese garden holds its own moon-viewing party. As twilight settles over the gardens, they are also illuminated, with live performances including taiko drumming and a moon-viewing tea ceremony.


Event information

Take the JR line from Osaka or Kyoto station, and get off at Himeji Station - Approx. 1-hour travel time (from Osaka)
10 Sep 2022


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