Osaka Prefectural Chikatsuasuka Museum

Osaka Prefectural Chikatsuasuka Museum

[The museum's exhibitions present how Japan was formed and its international cultural exchange in ancient times.]
The somewhat strange name of this museum stems from an old place name 'Chikatsu Asuka (Near Asuka)' referring to an area in the Kawachi region where the museum is located.

This place name appears in the Kojiki, a historical record compiled in the 8th century.

In this book the area presently called Asuka (in the Yamato region) is referred to as 'Totsu Asuka (Distant Asuka)'.

Using ancient earthenware and up-to-date graphic software, the museum presents the formation of Japan as a nation from the Kofun (burial mound) period to the Asuka period.

Conspicuous among the exhibits is a reproduction (diameter:10m; scale:1-150) of the Nintokuryo Tumulus, the largest of its kind in Japan, in its original form.

Many foreigners visit the museum to view its architecture, designed by architect ANDO Tadao, who states that the concept of a 'modern tumulus' underlies the design.

Auto-English Guide system and a catalogue in English are available.

The museum was opened in 1994.

[Admission Fee]
Adults: 300 Yen, High School and College: 200 Yen, Junior High School and under: free, (also free for those aged 65 and above and those with special needs)

By bus from Kintetsu Nagano Line Kishi Station, and get off at 'HannanNeopolis' bus stop, then walk 10 min.



Postal Code
299, Higashiyama, Kanan-cho Minamikawachi-gun, Osaka
10:00-17:00(last entry at 16:30)
Mondays(or, if Monday falls on a National Holiday, the following day); Dec.28-Jan.4


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